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Leeds Theosophical Society
Promoting understanding and respect for spiritual lifestyles in the Leeds Area
Founded Sept. 1900
12 Queen Square, Leeds LS2 8AJ
(Near the Merrion Centre)

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[Dr Barker] President: Dr Paul Barker
A branch of The Theosophical Society in England and Wales.
Registered Charity No. 1167737.


Email: info@ts-leeds.org.uk            [Facebook Logo]

The Theosophical Society - Resources Available to Members.

Leeds Theosophical Society possesses a comphrensive collection of books, booklets, journals, CDs and audio cassettes of lectures, and videos and DVDs on spiritual topics in its extensive library, which are available for study by its members.
Leeds Library: Catalogue

The Sunday Free Lecture series is also open to the Public and you are most welcome to attend.

Theosophical Study - Self-Learning

The Theosophical Society has produced an Introductory Study Course of eight papers on basic Theosophy that you can download.

Study Paper 1
The Theosophical Society
Study Paper 2
Study Paper 3
The Unity of All Things
Study Paper 4
Universal Law
Study Paper 5
The Constitution of Man
Study Paper 6
Death and the Process of Dying
Study Paper 7
The Doctrine of Rebirth
Study Paper 8
Towards a Higher Life

[Cycles of Eternity]
CYCLES OF ETERNITY: An Overview of The Ageless Wisdom - Tim Wyatt
112 pages A4 square format with full colour diagrams and illustrations

Tim Wyatt is the Treasurer of Leeds Theosophical Society.

This book provides a concise digest of the timeless truths and universal laws which shape us, our world and the universe beyond. As the sub-title suggests, this is merely an overview of a vast and fascinating body of knowledge which offers a coherent and comprehensive explanation of human and cosmic evolution.

Rather than just focusing on theory, this richly illustrated book emphasises the practical uses of this wisdom wherever possible. It is offered at a time when there is an increasing interest in human consciousness and psycho-spiritual development without the prejudices and preconceptions of sceptical science or worn-out religion.

CYCLES OF ETERNITY is the most concise and coherent overview of this knowledge to appear in the 21st Century.

Price £10.00 plus postage and packing.
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Theosophical Study - Further Member resources

The Theosophist

The Theosophist is a monthly journal prodouced by the International Theosophical Society whose headquarters are in Adyar, Chennai, India. The journal contains articles on various aspects of Ancient Wisdom, Philosophies, World Religions and Science.
Leeds Theosophical Society has a collection of these journals available to its members for study and research. They are indexed by titles and authors.
The Theosophist-pre-1975
The Theosophist-post-1975

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The Foundation for Theosophical Studies

The Foundation for Theosophical Studies was founded by the Theosophical Society in England and is committed to a search for truth in all things, mutual understanding and freedom of thought.

The objects of the Foundation are:
  • To advance and promote education, study and research into religion, philosophy and science and to disseminate the results to the public.
  • To promote study and research into the laws of nature and the powers latent in man.
  • To advance the fundamental unity of all people through knowledge of theosophical principles of unity, evolution and perfectability.
The Foundation arranges and sponsors a wide range of events, including lectures, seminars, conferences, residential courses and also a rolling programme of activities at The Theosophical Society in England's London Headquarters. A National Speakers Scheme provides speakers and course leaders for local events around the country. There are other Regional events too.

The Annual Summer School is a residential week held at different regional venues. It provides a varied programme of lectures, study groups, seminars, courses and workshops allowing attendees the opportunity of exploring different subjects and also to open their knowledge in their chosen area of study.

Study material such as Tapes, CDs and DVDs are produced from the talks and courses at Headquarters, the Summer School and Regional Events. This is made available by post, via the internet and website. Articles, podcasts, Forum and Ezine are available via the Foundation's website: www.theosophy.org.uk

Esoterica The Theosophical Society in England produces a quarterly Journal, Esoterica containing articles of interest and help in studying the Ancient Wisdom. The Journal will try to list all lectures by Foundation Speakers in the UK for each quarter. All sponsored events will be listed including weekends, day seminars and workshops.

The London programme of Lectures and Study Groups will be included as this is the Flagship Venue of the Theosophical Society in England, with some of the highest regarded theosophical speakers featured every year. An invitation is extended to any UK Organisation that genuinely upholds theosophical principles and ethics to send copy for inclusion in future issues of the Journal to The Foundation for Theosophical Studies


Diploma in Theosophy

  The Diploma has been designed to develops a fuller understanding of the Ageless Wisdom, which is invaluable for many of the modern spiritual services, such as healing, spiritual counselling, yoga, and a host of therapies. Theosophical knowledge underpins the core principles and values which lie behind these activities. It is of interest to all those who have an enquiring mind and who wish to know about the esoteric teachings.

There have been many courses in Theosophy but never before a comprehensive Diploma awarded through examination. Only the Theosophical Society has the authority to offer a genuine Theosophical Diploma that carries some real value and will be respected as a true mark of achievement. The Diploma is not an academic award, yet it will nevertheless have a very meaningful and true value within spiritual circles.

The Diploma in Theosophy is an ‘on-line’ course accessed from a user-friendly dedicated website.

Higher Diploma in Theosophy

  Students who have gained the Diploma in Theosophy are eligible to apply for The Higher Diploma. The Higher Diploma will build on the Wisdom Teachings as presented by the Diploma Course and seamlessly lead students into some of the deeper and inspiring aspects of Theosophy.

As the Higher Diploma approaches the teachings from a much deeper level, it is necessary to first do the Diploma Course in Theosophy. This ensures that students have understood the basic foundations of Theosophy before embarking on this more intensive course.

For more information and Registration Forms please apply to: info@theosoc.org.uk


Theosophy Forward is an independent on-line magazine looking toward the development of the Theosophical Society and the presentation of Theosophy in the twenty-first century. It is dedicated to the ideas
(1) that free, respectful and open-minded consideration of possibilities is the path to sensible and effective action and
(2) that the Ancient Wisdom of Theosophy can be expressed and explored in contemporary language.

Theosophy Forward the magazine will be updated at least four times per year while daily updates and news items are posted on its Facebook page.

Anyone who wishes to be notified by e-mail when new matter is posted on the site may register by sending a message to the editor, editor@theosophyforward.com with the subject line NOTIFY ME OF NEW POSTINGS. Such e-mail addresses will not be used for any other purpose.

Theosophy Forward encourages all Theosophists, of whatever organizations, as well as those who are unaligned but carry Theosophy in their hearts, to come together. Theosophists of any allegiance can meet and respectfully exchange views, because each of us is a centre for Theosophical work.

Theosophy Forward is an independent Theosophical periodical. Thanks to the hard work of a group of dedicated volunteers its publications are made possible.
It needs to be underscored that strong ties are maintained with all the existing Theosophical Societies, but the magazine's commitment lies with Theosophy only and not with individuals or groups representing these various vehicles.
Theosophy Forward

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